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There are numerous amounts of jobs and opportunities to choose from in Arizona, here we have arranged a list of major licenses Arizona has to offer. From A-Z we have narrowed down the major licenses the state of Arizona has, you can expand your field to a Accountancy license all the way to becoming a real estate agent. The following is a list of compiled major licenses which Arizona offers. If you’re having trouble figuring out your career path or how to progress through your career path, this list will give you assurance and insight.

Arizona Accountant License

In order to obtain your CPA License in Arizona you’ll first be required to complete all pre-licensing courses and 150-hour educational program along with 36 semester hours of accounting. The next step is to earn 2,000 hours of accounting practice under the supervision of a licensed CPA. When you’ve completed this step you’ll need to complete the (AICPA) American Institute of Certified Public Accountants ethics exam and course within two years of submitting your application. The next step is to take the CPA Exam which must be passed by each individual in order to apply for licensure. Once you’ve passed the state exam, you must submit your application for licensing to the state licensing board and once the Arizona State Board of Accountancy reviews your CPA application and approves, you’re now ready for licensure.

Arizona Adjuster License

To obtain your adjuster license in Arizona you’re required to be at least 18 years of age or older. Pre-licensing courses aren’t required in the state of Arizona, but you do have to make sure you practice for the state exam as a requirement for yourself. Once you’re ready to take the State Adjuster License exam, you may register online and once you’ve passed the exam you’re now ready to submit an application for licensure to the (NIPR) National Insurance Producer Registry. You’re also required to submit a fingerprint background check along with your application. Once you’ve accepted your license it is required in the state of Arizona to renew your license formally to keep it active, no continuing education is required in Arizona.

Arizona Business License

The first step in obtaining a business license in Arizona is to choose a business name and entity type to see if the name is in use by another business owner or not. Next, you must purchase a domain name and entity type, check with the (ACC) Arizona Corporation Commission and secure whether you’d like to put your business down as a non-profit corporation, or just a corporation. Once this step is done you must submit the paperwork and file specifically for your entity type. The next step is to complete a privilege tax application with the Arizona Department of Revenue. Once you file with the (IRS) Internal Revenue Services and get a hold of your (TIN)tax identification number, the last step would be to open a business bank account with bank or credit union.

Arizona Contractor License

Becoming a general contractor takes multiple steps and is a major profession in the United States. The first step in obtaining your contractor’s license in the state of Arizona is to make sure you’re 18 years or older. You’ll need to first make sure you’re working with a “qualifying party”, which is someone who’s had the experience and is a licensed contractor so that you can gain experience before you apply for licensure. Next you must study and pass two separate exams which are required by the state of Arizona, the (BME) Business Management exam and Trade exam. The next step is to submit your background check along with fingerprints to the state board. The next step is to form a legal entity for your business type, and submit experience verification forms. As an applicant you must submit proof for a license bond and pay the required fees. Once you’ve completed and submitted your application you can await for licensure through mail.

Arizona Cosmetology License

The first step in obtaining your cosmetology license in Arizona is to complete an state accredited cosmetology program/school, you’ll need a minimum of 1,450 hours of training. A cosmetology degree usually takes 2 years to obtain. Once you’ve completed all pre-licensing courses and required hours you’re now ready to submit your application for licensure and showing proof of your educational requirements and U.S. residency. Once you’ve sent your application to the board it’s time to take the Arizona theory and practical examinations required for licensure. Once you’ve passed these exams you’re required to maintain your cosmetology license by renewing it annually on your birthday.

Arizona Driver License

To obtain an Arizona driver’s license you should apply to your local MVD office or to the authorized third-party driver license provider.

Firstly you will need to pass the Arizona drivers license test, then pay the Arizona drivers license cost. Arizona drivers license check can be done through the Arizona ADOT official website.

Arizona HVAC License

HVAC field differs from state to state in United States. AZ doesn’t require high-level technicians to own a license. This is an important fact for a student to know if they want to have this level of work in Arizona. Nevertheless, HVAC contractor should follow Arizona HVAC License requirements.

Arizona Insurance License

The first step in obtaining your insurance license in Arizona is to complete all pre-licensing courses so that you’re ready for the state exam. The next step is to submit your fingerprints and criminal background history to the state board. The next step would be to submit a reservation to take the state exam so that when you pass you could become a licensee, your exam fees may be paid online or by mail. The final step after completing and passing your licensing exam is to apply for licensure by the State Board of Arizona.

Arizona Liquor License

In order to obtain a liquor license in Arizona you need to determine whether you need to purchase a liquor license or get one directly from the state. If your license needs to be purchased you’ll need draft an agreement which the buyer and seller of the license need to sign. The next step is to fill out an application for a liquor license and send it to the (DLLC) Department of Liquor License Control. Once you’ve submitted your application for licensure you will receive a notice from the (DLLC) which will alert you to submit an additional piece of documentation. Once the (DLLC) has reviewed your application and has sent your liquor license via mail, you’re now a certified licensee and are ready to start your business.

Arizona Marriage License

If you intend to marry in Arizona, your first step must be applying for Arizona Marriage License. In fact, Arizona’s marriage license is way easier to obtain than in other states. You don’t even need to wait for your license.

Arizona Nursing License

The first step in obtaining your RN license is to graduate from a state-accredited nursing program with a baccalaureate degree. Once you’ve finished your pre-licensing courses and required coursework hours, you’re now ready to take the (NCLEX) exam and pay the $200 fee for the exam as well. Once you’ve completed and passed this exam, it’s time to send your application in for licensure. There’s a $300 fee for your application and an additional $50 fee for your fingerprinting scan and background check. The next step is for the state board of Arizona to review your application and review your coursework history and grades. Once the board have finished their investigation into your application and approve you for licensure, you’re now ready to practice nursing in the state of Arizona.

Arizona Real Estate License

The first step in obtaining your real estate license in Arizona is to choose a state-accredited real estate school where you’ll need a required 90 hours of semester instruction. Once you’ve finished this step you’ll need to take a course-required exam, when you’ve passed this exam you’ll receive a certificate that will lead you to a state-certified exam which will cover national sections and Arizona sections. Once you’ve completed both sections of this exam the (ADRE) Arizona Department of Real Estate requires you to take a 6 hour contact writing course. As a salesperson in this class you’ll train with a (DB) designated broker who’s experienced in this field as well. Once you’ve completed all these steps you’re now ready to submit your application to the ADRE and accept your certificate for licensure.

Arizona Massage Therapist & Counseling License

The state of Arizona requires that each candidate applying for a counseling license has a minimum of a Master’s degree in counseling, the program you complete must be accredited by (CACREP) Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs. The next step is to complete the pre-practicum requirement of a 100 hours of mental health work and 40 hours of patient care under supervision, you must meet the practicum requirement of 600 hours working under a licensed practitioner. After you’ve completed this step you’ll need to accumulate 3200 hours of supervised work experience practicing mental health duties under a licensed practitioner, and 1600 of the hours must be in direct client contact. Once you’ve finished all these steps, you’re now ready to take the National Counselors Exam and send along your application for licensure as well. Once you’ve passed the test and have become a licensee, it’s time to further your education while working in your field.

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